heed not the rolling wave but bend to the oar

Queerer Than We Can Suppose

Following a recommendation for his email newsletter from, the subsequent discovery he was doing a launch for his new book in my city a few weeks and then going along to said book launch and having it be such a cheering experience that I…

Canine Themes

I wrote "perspective of a dog" in my notebook a while back, and I've just remembered why.

Sally Rooney

Life offers up these moments of joy, despite everything. Sally Rooney, Normal People The thing I thought of when I heard a very vague description of this book was: this sounds a bit like Homestuck. If you view Homestuck through the lens of form, this is a…

Three Body Problematic

I just saw a kangaroo. It's been a few years since I read the first two books in the Remembrance of Earth’s Past trilogy—I seem to recall the first one being fun, though fairly slight and a bit silly (magic remote-control photons, anyone?) moving into…