a couple of things

I’ve had a bit of a tiring day. A couple of things:

  • Caught up with Steven Universe on Saturday, at Sean’s insistence. A lot of more recent parts of Series 2 seem to be given over to the tragedy of Pearl and the bad things it leads her to do. Pearl being my favourite character, I found this a bit wrenching, especially when, in one particularly affecting episode, she begins to drag Connie (another of my favourite characters) into her mania. It’s also got a really catchy song1 which, despite being very song-from-a-musical, has been stuck in my head for several days now, along with another one from a previous episode.

  • Metal Gear Solid V is being released in a week, and I’m very, very, very excited. The slow drip-drip of all the trailers, and now the reviews today, which are universally extremely positive – I’m going to have to spend some time re-learning all the stupid nonsense I’ve forgotten, or never learnt because I haven’t played the PSP games. Metal Gear?!?!

Over and out.

  1. making it the second cartoon to use the phrase “do it for her” as a big emotional beat 

tired and emotional

Almost 300 posts on here (this is the 298th) and almost 100,000 words (definitely more if you were to include englebright.co). That’s quite a lot. Almost 10,000 words in the serial already, too, though that includes chapter end-notes. I’m trying to make myself feel prolific, because I’m going to have to slow down, or at least de-regularise the serial for a bit. I know it doesn’t matter particularly to anyone but me, but it does matter to me, and this blog is mine to say stuff like this on, so there. Part of the point of the structures I put in place to make myself do it regularly were that I’d feel bad if I didn’t, that hopefully being a motivator, but unfortunately I’ve been put in situations recently where I simply haven’t had the time, and I’d rather not have it bothering me. I’d also like to be able to spend time resting and doing other things without feeling guilty, or at least feel somewhat less guilty. And I’m so very tired.
More tomorrow. Over and out.

sun :)

Absolutely lovely day today. There are few things that I like more than Brighton in the sunshine. I woke up late, went into town, got a haircut, bought some comics, had a chat at the pub with Josef and his dad, then came home and read six trade paperbacks, which you can read about here. Over and out.


Fell asleep without writing anything yesterday, but in my defence I was very, very tired, mostly due to work, but thankfully I’m now past the worst of the business, and I shouldn’t have to be working late again for a little while. Unfortunately, this all means I’m behind on the serial and late with the podcast, so here’s the latest Miller Report instead:

nodding off

Today’s been a bit rubbish – almost every step has been a stumble, and I’m utterly exhausted. Worse, I haven’t written anything and I’m so far behind on my RSS feeds that I don’t even have any edifying links to offer. Fortunately, this is a pretty quiet week for work and my boss suggested I take the next couple of days off since I have a couple of holiday days that I need to use before they expire in at the end of the month. Hopefully this additional time off will nudge things in a more positive direction. At the very least, I should get a bit further into The Witcher 3. Over and out.

making up for lost time

Catching up on the last few days’ #content has meant that I don’t have much to say today. It doesn’t help that I’m going up to That London’s trendy Soho for a conference tomorrow (which I’m quite excited about) which means getting up comically early to catch a train, so I need to sleep now. Thank you for your indulgence, gracious readers, you’re all splendid people. Over and out.

in the lands of the north, where the black rocks stand guard against the cold sea, in the dark night that is very long, the men of the northlands sit round their great log fires, and they tell a tale

2015-05-23 18.07.29-2
I went to the theatre this evening, and it looked something like the picture above. It was a production of the first two Noggin the Nog stories – for those unfamiliar, a series by the team behind Ivor the Engine, in a similar style, but somewhat less likely to make me cry1 but about a Viking prince instead of a Welsh train. The adaptation to the stage conveyed very well the tone, and there were very good imitations of the voices, especially of the animal characters. The physical manifestations of the characters varied – sometimes they were represented by the actors, sometimes by puppets and sometimes by the archive footage of the show projected on screen – or a combination of several, as appropriate. The four actors did a good job switching in and out these modes – and their various costumes, to play all the roles required of them, which provided some good laughs in a show already full of them. It was slightly more pantomime-y than the source, but that’s a function of the change of medium, and worked well, especially for Nogbad’s appearances. It was all very pleasant and entertaining, and the kids all seemed to enjoy themselves too. It’s showing today and tomorrow as part of the Brighton Festival, but is apparently touring, so it might be possible to catch elsewhere.

Continue reading in the lands of the north, where the black rocks stand guard against the cold sea, in the dark night that is very long, the men of the northlands sit round their great log fires, and they tell a tale

save yourself, save this town, save everything not nailed down

There’s a video for one of the best songs from the new Mountain Goats album, and it’s really really good. It contains some wrestling references that I recognised were references but went completely over my head, but it still manages to be terrifically amusing. There’s a story to go with it, too (yeah, that Chavo Guerrero guy is real, turns out!). You should listen to the rest of the album too – it’s similarly excellent. Fire Editorial is probably my favourite song on there, chiefly because it has some nice chord sequences.

Over and out.


There’s a weird state I enter under certain circumstances – about to nod off for a nap or still woozy from having just woken up, and it being evening, twilight-to-dark. Time passes differently, everything seems a bit dreamlike and disconnected. We recorded a podcast earlier, and having gone into a food-induced coma in the early evening, I woke up a few minutes before Josef rang the doorbell, and lay there in the quiet. It’s peaceful there. It induces a peculiar emotional state, too, a slight melancholy edge. It’s quite a specific feeling that I associate with some songs, this being the most recent one I can think of. I suspect it’s at least partly to do with the use of clarinet. I’m not sure really.

Over and out.