countdown to final crisis

I’ve trailed extensively the fact that I’m doing a talk on Wednesday (at least, I think I have – I can’t remember how much I’ve mentioned it on here) which means that a lot of my mental cycles are now being consumed by rehearsing and fretting about it, which means I don’t have much excess capacity, after everything else, to think of things to write Plus, Comet Boots has moved to an earlier-in-the-week recording (meaning today) and it was a really good episode but now I am in the standard mode of “tired, nearly nodding off”, and my time is spent. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have the time to write about travelling on nearly-deserted trains through grim South Coast towns at night. Read the Jim Starlin Warlock stuff. Over and out.


Podcast editing and an unexpected house guest has thrown my timing, haven’t quite finished writing the LiS piece, might get pushed again tomorrow as I’m out in the evening, gosh I’m busy at the moment. Still need to polish my talk before slide submission on Friday, and I’m going to Bristol at the weekend! It doesn’t stop. Over and out.

millions of peaches

Andrew Hickey is great in general, and specifically on stuff like this – taking a look at a contentious (or “contentious”, if you’re in that kind of mood) topic and finding some unnoticed factor that goes some way to explaining why it is the way it is, even if it’s not easily soluble (here’s the last time). Read his stuff today, and not mine, because I’ve got a presentation to give tomorrow and all my energy is going into the preparation of that. Over and out.

Homestuck, Act 1: The Note Desolation Plays – Part 2

I’m going to be talking about this on a comics podcast, so comic stuff first: Homestuck most often gets described as a webcomic, and I can see why: there are pictures, and those pictures have associated words. I’m not sure whether that’s right, exactly – it’s certainly comics-proximate, but it’s almost inventing a sub-medium as it goes.

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Homestuck, Act 1: The Note Desolation Plays – Part 1

Unfortunately, no one can be told what the Matrix is. You have to see it for yourself.

– Morpheus, talking a load of nonsense

My housemate Sean has induced me and a number of our friends to form some kind of loose Homestuck reading group1, so I’m in the process of rereading it. An act a week, for the time being, at least (though they increase in size as they go so I don’t know how long I’ll be able to keep that up). I have, as I say, read it before, a couple of years back, up to wherever it was whenever I finished marathoning it (somewhere in act six?) and either it was in some kind of event lacuna that archive-reading masks, or I’m just not able to read it in its continuous form. This is a longer way of saying that the next few days are going to be primarily talking about Homestuck. A lot of this material will also be recycled for banter on my comics podcast too. I’m going to try and get some sort of overview today, from where I am at the moment, and then drill down into some stuff over the next few days.

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the moment of consummate disaster

Yesterday for the MemHaz Hallowe’en special, we watched Ghostwatch, which was quite fun and thankfully less traumatic than Threads was this time last year. Our thoughts on that will be out shortly, in audio form. Something a bit spookier I saw linked on Twitter the other day was this:

It’s a weird spoken word thing based on a Thomas Ligotti poem (I read a piece about him today too – considering getting that book) and it’s pretty unsettling.

But I wanted to witness what would never be

I wanted to see what could never be seen

The moment of consummate disaster

When puppets turn to face the puppet-master

Happy Hallowe’en, pagans.

new pod

Speaking of podcasts, as I have been so very much lately, I’m starting a new one: Comet Boots, with the lovely James Wheeler who was also a guest on that episode of Silence! which I guested on. We recorded the first episode this evening, it was great fun, and I can’t wait to share it with you! It’s also tired me out a bit, though, so I’m going to sleep now. Over and out.

weirdos from another planet

Went to see The Martian on the invitation of cde. Bassey the other day. I don’t go to the cinema very often, and I agreed to go on the strength of it being Bassey asking me rather than any particular interest in the film (beyond another pal having recommended the book a few months ago). It was… good? Probably occupied the middle ground of quite enjoyable, basically competent films that I don’t really see many of since I pretty much just see films that get overwhelmingly recommended to me (e.g. Mad Max) which tend to be very good. I also go and see superhero films but I seldom have particularly high hopes and they usually manage to deliver a focused, consistent experience that meets my baseline expectation of them. But yeah, The Martian: it’s good fun. The stuff that I enjoyed was mostly frontloaded – “how do I solve the problem of this unexpected and horrifying situation I find myself in” was great, but after a while we got too much cutting back to Earth, which, despite the interesting gimmick of having all the things they were doing open to public scrutiny, dragged a bit. Donald Glover was in it, playing Troy if Troy was an astrophysicist (he does the eyes and everything) so that was quite nice. The main character is pretty likeable and engaging, even if hiss dialogue also had a tendency to sound like it was written by someone on Reddit – not one of the dodgy misogo-racist nasty bits, but the mainline slightly annoying IFLS aesthetic – saying things like “I’m going to have to science the shit out of this”. I mean, Reddit’s a very popular website, it’s entirely possible the character is meant to be like that in-universe, but it doesn’t stop the things he says from being very annoying. Three stars, some funny bits.