Live Show


I have altogether too many podcast opinions, some of them perhaps deliberately contrary. One that's met with near-consensus agreement is that podcast live shows are generally bad. Your two-men-talking-into-Yeti-mics show probably isn't going to have much added to it by being in a room with worse acoustics, a small live audience messing with the sound and people being put off their stride by the presence of said audience. I'm sure the live audience must have a fun time, but unless you're performance-based anyway, I feel like you should probably try and change things for live.

Which is part of the reason I've been mulling the idea of Memhaz Live. Not A Memhaz Live Show, but some sort of event, possibly regular, two or three spoken-work pieces on a variety of interesting topics, maybe a bit of light musical entertainment as well and some other nonsense we could come up with. This is basically inspired by the Higgs thing as well—given how enjoyable I found that, I would very much like to make something like that myself. One of the reasons for doing Memhaz in the first place was to create A Podcast I Would Have Liked To Listen To, after all... 

There's nothing I enjoy quite so much as the sensation of my mind filling up with overambitious projects. The majority of them will never see fruition, but at least a couple will and besides, the fantasy-booking is its own fun.