Ten Podcasts.

No big names; the ten smaller podcasts I'm enjoying the most at the moment.

Age of Napoleon

A history podcast (which I tend to like) about Napoleon (who is very interesting) by someone who knows a lot about Napoleon.

All Units

Mentioned before—yes, a podcast from a Known Associate but it's extremely good; as I said about Sean's previous podcast project Hundreds Of Dead Bodies(available here if you scroll back a bit), it is a podcast about films that is still interesting to me, a man who does not really watch or care all that much about films.


The first of two podcasts on this list that are available only to paying subscribers, which is a bit rum but I guess you've got to pay the bills somehow. It's a person who knows a lot about a subject (foreign policy and the Middle East) talking about that subject.

Desolation Radio

This is a podcast about Wales and Welsh politics, which I don't know very much about and find interesting to hear discussed, even if from a very particular perspective. It serves as a constant, uncomfortable reminder of the weird pseudo-colonial attitude that England, and especially my corner of it, has towards Wales and the Welsh.

The Indy Corner

There are a fair few podcasts about the British wrestling scene out there, but this is probably the one that I find manages to best walk the line between the tendency on the one hand to indicate discernment by couching criticism in the most scornful, off-hand a caustic terms possible, and on the other a mindless everything-is-good boosterism.

Media Democracy

Heavily topic-focused UK media and politics discussion. The non-guest episodes are better.

The Orville Will Be Cancelled

I like that it spends a lot of its time being a Star Trek: Discovery podcast because the hosts cannot bear talking about the nominal theme of their show.

Radio War Nerd

The second Patreon podcast on this list; it's about global politics with an emphasis on conflict and its broader effects, direct and indirect. Also, half the time it's about history. One of those podcasts where you pick up on the hosts' "hedgehog" ideas about how the world works pretty quickly.

The Relentless Picnic

These guys are odd and occasionally somewhat self-indulgent, but this is possibly the single best podcast episode I heard last year. Their interview with a friend of theirs whose wife died had me in floods of tears, and was also partly responsible for me reading Lincoln in the Bardo, which was great.

Wrestlenomics Radio

A podcast that's mostly about the WWE but isn't just recapping Raw and Smackdown? Yes, such a thing exists, and they mostly talk about earnings reports and adjusted operating income and stuff like that. It's people talking about a thing I like in a way that reminds me of my job, and for some reason I find it intensely soothing.