The Good Place

I first heard about this from Andrew Hickey, and like an idiot I spoiled myself for it because I didn't think I'd watch it. Then Dan started going on at me about it, so I started watching it, and it is (ahem) good, and you should watch it but also: don't look up anything about The Good Place before watching it. It will go better that way. Also don't read any further. Even if you don't think you want to watch it. One of your friends might start going on at you about it. You never know.

OK—I was expecting the fact that I knew the twist here to make the whole thing a bit less engaging but the show isn't just a twist and I was carried along by the story beats and character development along the way. I generally don't like media that involves anyone having to sustain a lie under duress (which, yes, I know, is basically all media, but shut up) but I was ok with this—at least partly because every few episodes another person was brought into the secret-circle, and after a while it stopped being about the secrets and started being about the consequences, and then you hit the end of the first series, and the turn (and my favourite part of pretty much anything is always the turn) is the best thing I've seen in ages. Ted Danson does something with his face that's seriously next-level.

It is still a feel-good comedy, but also it actually takes its exploration of philosophy seriously enough that it doesn't necessarily let the characters get away with stuff. Obviously it does, to an extent, but I think back to the stuff in one of the early episodes where Eleanor remembers that's Chidi's from Senegal at the end, and normally that'd be a moment where the Chidi character would sigh and concede that maybe she is developing. But he responds "That's just basic courtesy", which is completely fair and accurate (also A Funny Joke). As far as the comedy aspect of the whole thing goes, actually—it's more gently pleasant than laugh-out-loud funny; though there are usually a few big laughs in each episode. I tend to prefer my comedy a bit more laugh-heavy but in this case the lack of overt laughs is compensated for by the character stuff. 

If you've not watched it but are still reading, please go and watch it, it's really good.